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Most Needed Items

Top 10 Food Items

Download top ten needed food items pdf

  1. Large cans of powdered Baby Formula
  2. Canned Fish/Meat (e.g. tuna, ham, turkey)
  3. Healthy Cereal (Hot or Cold)
  4. Meals in a Tin (e.g. Pork n’ Beans or Stew)
  5. Canned Vegetables
  6. Canned Fruit
  7. Wholegrain Pasta/Rice
  8. Pasta Sauces
  9. Canned and Dry Soups
  10. Mac & Cheese

Tiny Bundles

General Supplies Needed

  • Formula
    We always need powdered formula! Large cans preferred so families receive a one week supply
  • Diapers
    Size 4-6
  • Cereal
    For 8 Months of age
  • Baby Jar Food
    Fruit, Meals and Vegetables (both large and small jars)

Baby Layette Supplies Needed (Newborn - 12 months)

  • Winter Outfits
    Outfits, sleepers and socks
  • Bottles
    Preferably those that do not require liners
  • Blankets
    Both warm and receiving blankets
  • Baby Toiletries
    Baby shampoo, bodywash, lotions, talcum powder

Grad Gift Supplies Needed (1 Year Old to 2 Year Old)

  • Winter Outfits & Pyjamas
    Girls and Boys Age 18 month to 24 months (2 years)
  • Small Toddler Toys & Books
    Appropriate for first birthdays
  • Toddler Dishes & Spoons
    We have lots of sippy cups.
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
    We need new toothbrushes and toothpaste for 12-24 Months!

You can also consider sponsoring a Tiny Bundle. For only $50.00 per month you can help feed a little one in our community. Sponsor a Tiny Bundle Today!

For further information on our Tiny Bundles program, please contact our Manager of Client Services here.

**Please note: Items must be new. Food cannot be expired**

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