as she retires after 14 years with the Surrey Food Bank.

On June 28, community members, board members, staff, and volunteers gathered to give Marilyn a send off we’ll not soon forget.

Chris Thornley and his 7-piece rhythm and blues band, Agent C and TOP SECRET, featured with outstanding music.  And the evening was a joyful celebration of Marilyn and all she’s done for the community, as she was lead through stories and pictures, presented by friends and staff, twined together by the matchless humour of “The Late Show” host “Letterman”/Chris, and his side kick “Paul”/Councillor Bruce Hayne.

Earlier this year at our annual Breakfast with the Bank fundraiser, Marilyn shared, “These past years in food banking have been the highlight of my career and the most rewarding in my many years of working. I have had the amazing experience of doing something every day that I love and doing it with unquestionable passion.”

“I have heard and seen some of the most heartbreaking stories from our clients as I learned about the life challenges they are dealing with. EVERYONE has a story! I have also seen some of the most courageous people you could ever meet, who overcame life’s obstacles, fought their way out of poverty and moved on to better their lives.”

Remembering some key moments in her time as Executive Director, Marilyn had said, “It broke my heart in my early days at the Surrey Food Bank when I informed a young mum we had run out of baby formula – she cried and I cried….but I also cheered when our Board and staff told me they could and would NEVER let that happen again and together we found solutions so we would ALWAYS have enough food for the most vulnerable – our 200 Tiny Bundles babies who visit each week.”

Marilyn leaves a legacy of compassion, leadership and love for her community.

One of her many key initiatives was to launch the Tiny Bundles Program. And in Marilyn’s honour, those gathered for her retirement party brought donations to the Tiny Bundles program that totalled $2157.00, in addition to diapers, formula and a single donation of more than three hundred new teddy bears.

We wish Marilyn every success and much happiness as she sets off on her next adventure.

Tiny Bundles