Please don’t forget our babies.

At this time, we find our donations very low for our most needed baby items such as Baby Cereal, Baby formula, Baby Wipes and Large Sized Diapers. If you can help, please consider this area of special need.

Currently our families needing support include 300 babies under age of one. 350 babies, toddlers and children from the ages of 1 – 5 years. And 80 expectant mums.

To support our young clients, we distribute 225 cans of baby formula a week. 710 hand packed packages of diapers and wipes a week. 145 boxes of Baby Cereal a week. 700 jars of baby food each week.

If you are thinking of doing a donation drive for us this fall, consider our most needed baby items and our Tiny Bundles, Toddler Totes and Pre-K programs as a theme of focus.

If you can donate these much needed items now, Thank you!

Where to Drop off Donations