“Dear Surrey Food Bank,

We are grade 6 students from Bear Creek Elementary School in Surrey BC. Our names are Kawsar, Albert, Parm, Asha! Our class recently did a project called Young Entrepreneurs, where we created our own buisness and sold our products to people in our school. We decided to donate 10% of our profits to your organization because we really believe in what you do!

We chose this charity because there are a lot of people that don’t have food. We like this charity because they help and donate to people that have a house but cannot afford foods. It makes us feel good because they help people that are struggling to get food and we cant’ see anyone starve so we care about them and we donate. Thank you for all your effort and hard work in supporting the charity.

Sincerely, Albert, Parm, Asha and Kawsar”            Letter Albert Parm Asha Kawsar BCE

“Dear Surrey Food Bank

…We chose to support your organization because you give food to the people that need it and what we like about your organization is that you help so many people and we feel so happy about what you do.  Thank you for all your effort and hard work…


Armann, Nick, Zeniub