It is easy to see why Elizabeth, who has now been at the Surrey Food Bank for over three months, is a perfect fit for client services.

When asked what her job was, Elizabeth replied “My job is the clients”, and from her patient personality, you can tell she takes the clients’ needs very seriously.

“Overall, I think my job is to make sure the clients are fed and happy at the end of the day”

Elizabeth is responsible for Hamper to Your Home; a program for clients who are physically unable to come to the food bank, as well as Tiny Bundles. The Surrey Food Bank Tiny Bundles program ensures that pregnant and nursing mothers with children under one year of age receive food every week. Tiny Bundles also supplies fresh vegetable and other nutritious items to the families, along with formula, milk, eggs and baby items.

What Elizabeth likes the most about working at the SFB is getting to know the clients, and the many walks of life they come from, and the experiences they’ve lived.

Like anything, there are challenges in the job, and when asked what the challenges were, Elizabeth’s response was straightforward in saying that it’s about having to see beyond what people are saying, seeing below the surface, and trying to find the deeper meaning, so that we are
better equipped to help.

When Elizabeth isn’t here, you can find her playing board games, being crafty and creative, out in nature, or rocking it out at Karaoke.