Where would any of us be without our dreams?

Whether a child becomes a parent, a doctor, gymnast, grocery store manager, or superhero, dreams give us something to work towards, to aspire to, and to keep us on track if we veer off the path.

Many children lose sight of their dreams when they are hungry. Food insecurity can affect the way children learn, process information, and behave in class. Children who experience food insecurity are more likely to start kindergarten less ready than children from homes that are food secure.

In Surrey and North Delta, 41 percent of our clients are under 18 years of age. We have child specific programs such as Tiny Bundles, Toddler Totes, and our Pre-K 2-5 that provide age appropriate foods to families with children to ensure that children receive their full nutrition requirements during their formative years.

We want children to be children. To have fun chasing their dreams, without worrying about if there is enough food on the table.

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