Pavneet Kalsi People Like You

For the second year, Pavneet has distributed school supply packets at the Surrey Food Bank.

Pavneet Kalsi, a student at UBC, organizes school supply packages for children and distributes them at the Surrey Food Bank. As a volunteer since 2013 at the Surrey Food Bank, she identified a need for school supplies. She recognized that it would be important to allow parents to spend their limited funds on other necessities for their children beyond school supplies. The children are excited and full of smiles when they receive their bundles organized according to their ages and needs.

The past 2 years Pavneet received grants of $1500 each to distribute about 100 packages each. Last year she was supported by PDG, for the dental supplies and funded by the Canada Rising Youth Grant. This year the project was supported by Envision Financial. Both years the supplies were purchased from Staples for higher quality and longer lasting goodies.

Pavneet finds it heartwarming to experience the gratitude from mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, and children. She plans on continuing the project and coming back for more smiles.

You can specify funds to go to school supplies under the donate tab on the Surrey Food Bank website.

Thank you Pavneet, it is people like you who help us move toward our Vision – A Nourished and Thriving Community, Free of Poverty