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Tom, 1 Year Old Cancer Patient

"Six months ago, our lives were turned upside down with one word; cancer. When our family doctor said we should go to B.C Children's Hospital, we hit the road immediately. The initial visit was followed with tests, needles and days on end of wondering what was going on.

On January 9th, 2010 the doctor confirmed that Tom had A.L.L and had to be treated with chemotherapy and other treatments. Once this happened, my husband and my life changed completely.

I was forced to quit my full-time job as an administrator and my husband, Steve, now works part time in construction so he can be at the hospital. I spend my days in and out of the hospital, driving back and forth from Surrey to Vancouver. The toll on our family has not only been emotionally but financially draining. We now rely on the food bank to supplement our low-income.

Without the help of the dedicated volunteers and staff at the food bank, our family would not have enough food on our table. We now struggle with life's simplest things, but they are not simple to us anymore.

Hopefully, our time at the food bank will be short and our lives will go back to normal. In the meantime, we are so grateful for the help."