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MasterChef Canada - David Jorge Competes for the CDA in the All-Star Family Special

One of MasterChef Canada winners, David Jorge, will be returning to compete for the chance to win $10,000 for the charity of his choice, which is the Surrey Food Bank!Master Chef Canada All-Star Family Special airs December 5th on CTV.Read the press release here.

'We're not the answer to food insecurity': Surrey Food Bank serves many needs with few resources

Surrey Food Bank shed light on the challenges they face to provide adequate, nutritious food to clients with limited resource available in order to meet big demands and different needs. Read the full story here.

'A victim of our own success': B.C. food banks quickly became essential for many in 1980s

CBC looks back 30 years on the day the first Food Bank opened in B.C. Read the full story here.

Food bank finds success by not giving out any food

A food bank in Woodstock, Ontario shares their success with Operation Sharing, a program where they give users gift cards so people can buy food at grocery stores. Read more about the story here.

Rising food bank use leads to call for B.C. poverty reduction strategy

The Tuesday night discussion at St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church in Vancouver set out to answer the question of why a province as wealthy as B.C. has over 100,000 people relying on food banks every month, how the situation got to be like this and what the role of food banks should be. Read the article here.

Surrey Food Bank needs a new home, but real estate prices are too high

The Surrey Food Bank is looking for a new, bigger home, but as Grace Ke reports, competition for property is pricing it right out of the market. Watch here.

Surrey Food Bank needs bigger home to handle bigger demand

CBC reports on the challenges the Surrey Food Bank faces in trying to find a bigger home. Read more here.

Surrey Food Bank feels squeeze from real estate boom

Business in Vancouver met with Executive Director, Marilyn Herrmann, to discuss the ongoing hunt to find a larger space for the food bank. Read article here.

Last Week's Power Outage

Many of you may have heard we lost power for five days due to the wind storm last week. Unfortunately we lost thousands of pounds of food and had to dispose food product such as milk, eggs, tomotoes and more. With the overwhelming support from our AMAZING community, we gained all the food back lost plus tons more. Read more below:NEWS 1130The Surrey Leader

A warning to charities: 'Cheque' out donations, they may be fake

Not everyday do we see a $90,000 cheque come in the mail. Unfortunately, we were a target of a nation-wide scam. Read about the details from the Surrey Leader here.